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At Alta Vista Technology we offer different product solutions for your desired needs.  We will help you decide which solution best fits you and your business.

With Intacct you are moving to the Cloud, which makes it easy to connect disparate systems, leverage existing infrastructure, and eliminate information silos. This will let you streamline processes by connecting Intacct with SalesForce or other CRM solutions, subscription management applications, and more. Cloud integration is fast, reliable, and cost effective.  This also means you eliminate much of the IT reliability of mass back-ups and high level security.

Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business solution to help develop leads, nurture contacts, track your sales, and keep your customers happy. CRM can help reduce costs and increase profitability by organizing and automating business processes. These processes that will nurture customer relationships and satisfaction across all interactions—marketing, sales, and customer service. CRM solutions can deliver return on investment (ROI) through marketing automation, customer service, and sales force automation.

With Microsoft Dynamics GP get the complete, flexible, and familiar tools you need to run and grow your small business. Microsoft Dynamics GP gives you Financial Management and Accounting to manage your cash, assets, and banking. Inventory Management and Operations to track and manage your production, inventory, orders, and vendors. Use the Sales and Service feature to manage your sales, service contracts, and field resources. GP gives you great Business Intelligence and Reporting, where you get real-time visibility and analytics to track performance and act with insight. You also get Human Resources and Payroll to hire, train, and pay your team. The complete package!

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