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Alta Vista Technology has the expertise to help you meet the growing challenges of your industry.  To maintain and track all aspects of a project or contract are big challenges for the services industry. Sometimes, even measuring the degree of project completion can be difficult. Poor management of resources can turn what promises to be a year of profitable projects into a year of unmet expectations.

Microsoft Dynamics business solutions designed for service industries combine project management, resource management, communication, and business solutions tailored to your organizational needs to help reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. That’s why Microsoft Dynamics supports services organizations with tools to access decision-driving information, realize a rapid return on investment, and focus on dedicated customer service.

Take control

With the right project, resource, and financial management automation can make all the difference, especially when it is built around the idea of project-based accounting. The right information technology can help your company thrive by helping you:

  • Meet scheduled deadlines though a complete and accurate picture of project status.
  • Take advantage of historical information you already have to make more accurate forecasts and management decisions.
  • Efficiently manage increasingly complex projects by organizing time, equipment, and employees effectively to meet customer demand for accelerated schedules and small budgets.

By delivering deep access to decision-driving information, a rapid return on investment, and expert, dedicated customer service, Microsoft Dynamics helps you grow and manage your business better.

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