Amazing Customer Experience with Parature

Last year, Microsoft acquired Parature to bring added value to Microsoft’s customer relationship management portfolio. As Microsoft continues to strengthen their ability to connect with customers on any device or channel, Parature delivers the ability to identify, diagnose and resolve issues that customers are having as soon as they are known.  By integrating with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM systems, you can immediately start to deliver amazing customer experience . . . anytime, anywhere.

Parature latest release delivers 30 high-priority features that combines knowledge management, self-service and multi-channel engagement.

Parature offers:

  • Knowledge Management – Ability to boost employee productivity and deliver the right answers at the right time
  • Multi-Channel – Provide consistent engagement across channels including the web, live chat, social, mobile and more
  • Support Ticketing
  • Self-Service Portal – Empower customers with intelligent and guided online self–service, accessible 24/7
  • Pre-package Integrations

Organizations continue to seek business solutions that can strengthen their ability to connect with customers using whatever device and channel they prefer.  Need more information on Parature and/or Microsoft Dynamics CRM?  Alta Vista Technology is your partner you can rely to provide deep local and technical knowledge, contact us to learn more.