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Sage Intacct and the Implications of the Blockchain

The blockchain has been a rising focus over the past few years and it seems that it is only starting to heat up. This new data capture method has the possibility to create a more open system by providing a constantly visible ledger of transactions that was originally used for cryptocurrency like Bitcoin but has […]

How RFPs May Be Hurting Your Business

A request for proposal, or RFP, is commonplace in most companies as soon as funding is approved for your project. They have been used for years. So much so that a lot of businesses require them in their vendor selection process. The problem is, like a lot of business processes today, RFPs are outdated and […]

Microsoft Dynamics: ERP or CRM?

As businesses grow and expand the need for resource management and access to pertinent information grows along with them. The key to handling the growth of your systems is the platforms you choose to handle your data and how you implement them. One of the most popular platforms today is Microsoft Dynamics. Chances are you […]

Don’t Let Your Transition to Cloud ERP Burn You

 A while back we had written about how cloud-based ERP implementation can improve your accounting efficiency. Now that you have decided to go all in on cloud ERP you are probably wondering, what’s involved in transitioning my current data to the cloud? Is the migration process easy? What should I know before moving my systems […]

Why is Cloud-Based CRM the Next Step?

If you are anything like us you love emerging technology and trends. You may already have a solid on-premise CRM in place that is fully functional and does most of what you would like it to. Aren’t you curious about what else is out there? What could I do to improve our systems? How can […]

Critical Microsoft Dynamics GP Tax Update for 2018

The IRS released the 2018 federal income tax withholding tables and calculations. To coincide with the tax changes Microsoft has put the tax changes into effect. You can now download and install your Microsoft Dynamics GP tax update. Make sure to download the U.S. 2018 January Payroll Tax Update document created by Microsoft to see the changes […]