A Nonprofit's Most Utilized Tool: Intacct Dashboard

Nonprofit organizations and Intacct demonstrate real-time adjustments in tracking gifts and donations with automatic implementation to produce updated and accurate reporting. For years, many for-profit organizations have essentially played 'catch up' in producing periodic reports for stakeholders and investors. With Intacct, the nonprofit organization immediately reaps the benefits of the cloud-based platform.

Real Time Financial Reporting: Better Business Visibility in the Cloud

Intacct, the leader of best-in-class cloud ERP software, takes streamlining a step further with real time financial reporting and better business visibility with its cloud-based platform. This new functionality enables users to produce necessary reports with the most accurate and up to date data available. Those tasked with regular financial reporting will enjoy use of a myriad of operational time-saving tools, including, but not limited to dashboard snapshot, digital board book and dimensions.

Cloud Financials: The Path to Seamless Implementation

Now that you've decided to embrace a cloud-financials solution, all that's left is to implement and go, right? Not quite. Time to prepare, plan and execute.

Solugenix: Another Intacct Cloud Financial Success Story

Solugenix, a provider of managed information technology (IT) and consulting services, recently selected Intacct’s cloud financial management software. Following is a recap of obstacles and challenges, and how Intacct was able to address, implement and overcome.

Getting ahead with Cloud Financial Management

Intacct's winning formula is based on thinking and staying ahead; and part of that equation includes making predictions. One such prediction foresees finance as the hub of strategic planning.

Why Choose Intacct for your SaaS Accounting Solution

Check out Intacct’s best-in-class cloud ERP solution and why you should choose Intacct for your SaaS Accounting Solution.

Why I Jump Out of a Perfectly Good Airplane

Scott Jackson, President of Alta Vista Technology (AVT) jumps literally into the cloud. He was motivated to jump out of a perfectly good airplane to show viewers that putting their financials in the cloud with Intacct is safe and secure.