Office 365. The Key to the Cloud

Are you ready? I’m about to ask you the million dollar question… “Does your company have Office 365?” Is that your final answer? Dramatics aside, you can’t integrate CRM On-Premise as seamlessly with Office 365 as you can with CRM Online. Therefore, if you answered yes to the question above, you need to seriously considering CRM Online.

A Tale of Two Deployments

With the rise of CRM Online, businesses looking to take advantage of customer relationship management are no longer restricted by physical servers or large IT hardware budgets. That being said, CRM On-Premise still plays a large part for many of our new and existing customers. That is the true beauty of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you always have a choice.

Who Takes the Lead? CRM Online vs CRM On-Premise

One of the most obvious, yet complicated decisions to make when considering CRM online vs. on premise is, “who will manage the system?” Yes, there are distinct advantages to having your CRM system maintained outside your own four walls. That being said, there are also a number of reasons why you would want to do the opposite.

Cloud Based Technology: More For Less

It’s no doubt that cloud based technology is the future of software. Microsoft has definitely taken notice to this trend. In response, they have offered some key, industry leading platforms to CRM online users at NO additional cost. Those with CRM on premise can still take advantage of these tools, but will have to pay extra to do so.

Reporting in the Cloud

Making the choice of what CRM offering to go with is similar to buying a car. You want both to last, you want them each to help you with your daily activities, and ultimately you may tend to pull the trigger a little too quickly when purchasing. After all, both will end up being the “shiny new toy” you can’t wait to test drive. Recently I’ve been asked by numerous clients regarding the differences in reporting between CRM online and on premise.

Amazing Customer Experience with Parature

Last year, Microsoft acquired Parature to bring added value to Microsoft's customer relationship management portfolio. As Microsoft continues to strengthen their ability to connect with customers on any device or channel, Parature delivers the ability to identify, diagnose and resolve issues that customers are having as soon as they are known.