Do What You Do Best

It’s often said that time is the more irreplaceable thing in life. You can earn more money, get a new car, or whatever your passion may be. Time, however is not for sale. To be blunt, your sales people and the processes they follow may be costing you time (and money). Let’s start from the ground up. Implementing a CRM system provides your sales team with the keys to unlocking customer data.

CRM and Cortana - The Perfect Team

What’s the deal? At some point in your day you probably wish you had your own personal assistant. Well, with Microsoft’s CRM and Cortana you can have just that! Cortana was first introduced in Windows 8.1 and helped Windows mobile users manage their calendar, track packages, find files, and tell jokes. Perhaps most impressive is the fact that the more you used Cortana, the more personalized your experience was.

Why You Need CRM: It’s Time to Get Proactive

Deliver Amazing Customer Experiences These days Microsoft is really pushing to deliver solutions to create amazing customer experiences. This includes not only winning a customer, a donor, or business partner over, but also includes what happens after the spot light is off and the audience leaves the theater. It is at this time that customer service takes over and customer relationships can be strengthened or ruined.

Why You Need CRM: "You Lost. Now What?"

“Good job team, we lost!” said no one ever. Whether it’s losing a bet with your spouse or not having enough funds to buy the boardwalk in Monopoly, no one likes losing. Assuming you want your business to thrive rather than take a nose dive in 4th quarter then read on. Dollars and Cents The above scenarios can sting for a moment, but eventually life goes on.

Microsoft's Acquisition of Adxstudio

What’s the deal? Last week Microsoft announced that they will be acquiring “key product and technology assets” of their longtime partner Adxstudio. For those not familiar with Adxstudio, the company provides web portals, online engagement tools, and application lifecycle management solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. These enhancements extend Dynamics CRM data deeper into the Web by leveraging existing permissions, entities, and customizations.

Why You Need CRM: "Big Data" vs. "Customer Data"

Why You Need CRM Big Data One of the most frequently spoken terms in the world of business today is “big data.” This of course, is the popular term used to describe the exponential growth and availability of data. Anything concerning customers, vendors, employees, competitors, internal IT systems and more is grouped into this bucket of facts and statistics.

Microsoft CRM 2016 Release Overview

In this video, Microsoft will share the new features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 that will be released later this calendar year. This upgrade will include advancements in intelligence, mobility and service, with significant productivity enhancements to help businesses and workers achieve more.

Why Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM? We've got four for you!

By Kelly Rigotti You’ve likely heard some version of the phrase big data is big business quite a lot recently. Despite all the buzz around it, Gartner reports that 85 percent of Fortune 500 companies will be incapable of gaining a competitive advantage through the use of big data this year. So, exactly what good is big data if even the blue chips haven’t got it figured out yet?

Microsoft snaps up FieldOne to enrich Dynamics CRM

IDG News Service Microsoft and FieldOne have been partners for several years, but on July 16, 2015, Microsoft took the relationship a step further and acquired the New Jersey-based provider of field-service software. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed, but it comes just four months after the two companies signed a global strategic agreement to integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM and FieldOne’s Sky platform, which offers features such as automated routing, scheduling and dispatch, work-order management, mobile collaboration and more.

Microsoft Acquires Sales Contest Platform FantasySalesTeam, Will Integrate Into Dynamics CRM Microsoft announced this morning the acquisition of Austin, Texas-based Incent Games, the makers of a “sales gamification” platform called FantasySalesTeam. As the name implies, the company’s software allows sales organizations to run contests that are similar to those found in fantasy sports.