Azure ExpressRoute: CRM Security Evolved

I can’t tell you how many times a prospect or customer has asked me, “How safe is Dynamics CRM Online?” This is a valid question considering the fact that there are people out there, just waiting for the right moment to steal your identity via your credit cards and personal information. CRM Online users are simply reacting to the times and in response Microsoft has promised a solution to put these fears to rest.

No Internet, No Problem! Offline Capabilities feature for CRM Online

What’s the deal? In a recent roundtable discussion sat down with six Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVPs to discuss the upcoming release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016. When asked about the rumored Offline Capabilities feature for CRM Online, CRM MVP Alex Fagundes said, “It’s the first time we’re seeing a main component being available only in CRM Online.

Why You Need CRM: Your Future in the Cloud

CRM – Future in the Cloud By 2018 Gartner believes that cloud based CRM systems will make up 62% of the overall market. This number is jaw dropping; considering the fact that not more than 10 years ago many business were allocating multiple servers while asking their IT team to all sign their names over in blood to keep their systems running.