Our Star Wars: The Last Jedi Event

The turnout was great last week for our Star Wars: The Last Jedi event.
data flow for cloud-based ERP

AI is Real: The Right Solution can Accelerate Your Value

With every new day, the potential in AI technology grows exponentially.
a key in a lock for security

How to Prevent a Breach of Your Financials

With ransomware attacks hitting businesses once every 40 seconds, security precautions are not to be taken lightly.
cloud ERP

Closing the Automation Gap in Finance

Automation through cloud ERP systems gives greater productivity to those who take advantage.
financial consolidation

The Inhibiting Traditional Approach to Financial Consolidation

Cloud-based ERP gives you the ability to drill down into your data with greater speed and greater transparency.
CFO discusses AI ERP solutions

5 Questions Every CFO Should Expect from the CEO

The world of technology is changing. And no position is immune to the changes, including CFOs.

AI and the Changing Role of the CFO

Automation is the wave of the future, and AI will have an impact on every job, in every industry.

The 4 cons of QuickBooks you should never ignore

As a large company, the simplicity QuickBooks is loved for can end up costing your business in more ways than one. And here are four reasons why.

What Are the Differences Between SaaS and Cloud Computing?

While SaaS is a component of cloud computing, it isn’t actually cloud computing. The cloud goes above and beyond software to deliver a variety of IT services.

How ERP Consulting Can Expedite Business Growth

The 2016 U.S. Bank Small Business Annual Survey resulted in some…