Managing Finances for a Multi-Entity Business

Are you outgrowing your existing financial system? It probably worked well when you had a single location, but if you now running a multi-entity business, your business structure becomes more complex.  As you grow, your transaction volumes and data increases, and keeping separate data files for different entities becomes more labor intensive. Your time is valuable, and you need a scalable solution that controls risks.

“59% of Intacct’s customers reduced their close time by at least a fifth as a result of multi-entity and consolidation automation.”

— Survey of Intacct Customers

Your financial system should help you reduce your close time and improve reporting accuracy. With Intacct, everything related to currencies is automated, from using up-to-date rates, to conversions, to re-valuations and adjusting entries.

Inter-company transactions can become cumbersome at reporting time, especially when foreign currency is involved.  Intacct’s cloud financials allows you to set up your consolidation structure, intercompany elimination accounts and foreign currency rates once, and start consolidation with a click of the button.  You also get a comprehensive audit trails with full record of the journal entries for the consolidation and currency translations.

Key benefits

  • Go global with robust, accurate, and easy multi-currency management
  • Save time and reduce error with automated multi-entity consolidation
  • Support growth by streamlining new entity set-up
  • Increase visibility by relying on flexible, fully up-to-date local and global reports

Manage your financial processes for multiple locations and entities; and start making informed business decisions with Intacct’s online accounting software.   Alta Vista Technology is your partner you can rely on to provide deep local and technical knowledge to help ensure that you have the best solution in place to meet your unique business needs.  Contact Us