Auditing Activity in Intacct


Perhaps few accountants have been promoted for implementing stellar internal controls, but neglecting those internal controls will definitely stunt one’s career.

“I’m trying to grow, trying to decentralize my accounting operations,” one customer confided in me. “But how can I do that and still keep strict controls of what’s being processed?”

With modern accounting systems like Intacct there’s a way! Whether you’re running Intacct today or want to sign up for a free trial you’ll be able to upload the customization package provided on this page. This customization will have Intacct track all activity – whether you’re interested in changes to master records or transactions, you’ll know who did something and when. Auditing activity has never been easier.

Let’s see how.

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Step One: Importing the Package to Audit Activity

Follow the instructions on this page to download a zipped XML file containing the customization. You’ll want to unzip that file so you have the XML file somewhere you can find it. Once you have that, import the file like so:

Note: the navigation shown here go through “Platform Services.” Your system may instead say “Customization Services” but the steps are the same.

You’ll see a link to “Add Package.” That link will let you browse to find the file you downloaded here.

Step Two: There is no Step Two

That’s it! Now an “Audit Log” option will be available under the Company Menu. Any activity after you’ve imported this customization will be tracked. You’ll be able to filter reports by date, object, action, user, and so on. An unfiltered look is here:

There’s much going on in this screenshot.  We have the data/time stamp of every single change, the object changed, the type of change (you see a lot of “Adds” in this picture… we have users busy making different bills and invoices and such), and who made the change. We can click on the links to the objects listed here to quickly jump around the system and review what’s been touched. Whether we’re monitoring productivity or keeping controls on the system, auditing activity is a reasonable tactic.

So yes, it’s true, online accounting is as easy to customize and secure as any other system. Enjoy!