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Does Your Finance Team Need a Digital Transformation?

New technologies are transforming every aspect of business. From mobile to cloud, AI, IoT, RPA, blockchain and more, organizations who have undergone a digital transformation are experiencing more streamlined processes, unprecedented efficiencies, deeper insights and happier customers. As finance is traditionally considered a back-office function, it is often overlooked for cutting-edge digital projects. It’s up […]

3 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Accelerating Collections

When it comes to the invoice-to-cash process, the most common pain point next to cash application is collections management. If you’re in finance you can relate to the manual steps, time-consuming efforts, and constant back and forth with customers… all while your receivables continue to rise. The collections frenzy is all too real in organizations […]

The Alta Vista Solution Stack: Accounting Integration

With demand from our customers and no viable options in the wild, Alta Vista took matters into their own hands. We started developing tools that would help connect our customer’s systems and provide next level functionality and tighter accounting integration. We developed AVT Assist and AVT Connect. AVT Assist helps you automate those numbers that may […]