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3 Ways Microsoft Power BI Elevates Your Data

For businesses looking to get the most out of their data, Microsoft Power BI has been somewhat of a revelation. The ability to take data from every corner of a business and analyze it is fostering better decision making and providing a clearer picture provides a competitive advantage over the competition. Data analysis tools like […]

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365: An Ecosystem Explained

There may be no question we get more frequently than, “What is Microsoft Dynamics 365”.  Microsoft Dynamics 365 is mystifying many people. The name alone is an umbrella that covers several products in Microsoft’s cloud ecosystem. Is it for sales? What about customer tracking, or Office software? Well, the answer is yes to all. The […]

Outgrowing QuickBooks: How Business Central Helps Manage Growth

Your business is growing, can your accounting system keep up? If your quickly outgrowing QuickBooks and are noticing crashes and long load times, the answer is probably no. “Business Central has provided our company with new automated data processing opportunities. We now have the ability to consolidate our financial reporting in ways our old QB […]

Is Your Accounting Software Impeding Mission Fulfillment?

Whether extraordinary (such as changes necessitated by the pandemic) or routine (managing projects according to the requirements of the grant, responding to constituents or donor, or preparing for a board meeting) – today’s demands mean that your nonprofit accounting systems must be as agile as you are. In nonprofit accounting, survival depends on flexibility. Does […]