Sage Intacct Advantage 2019: A Summary

What a week at Sage Intacct’s Advantage conference!

We can’t do justice to all the happenings, but we would be remiss if we didn’t mention some of our personal favorite moments.

Scott Jackson, Speaker Extraordinaire

Scott Jackson had the honor of speaking to the general attendees about the many advantages of running Sage Intacct for our customers. He had the two loudest applause lines of the day. Scott emphasized the importance of building a great team in all aspects of the company (and how amazing our marketing department is).

The Alta Vista Tech Website Earns Praise

Advantage serves a variety of purposes. There’s an Expo area where marketplace solutions can extend the software to cover niche requirements. There’s various training sessions to learn more about the software in general, much like you might find on our online tutorials, but often with hands-on labs. But in addition to all that, Sage Intacct showcases different partners’ websites and marketing efforts to show the great work happening and to educate and inform customers.

The website you’re seeing right now was held up as an example to all! Now, this isn’t the first time our website has been used as an example of how a Sage Intacct partner’s website should look. It is a bit of a humblebrag, but knowing that our site gets the right information to the correct people in an easy to use manner makes us feel good. 😁

Alta Vista Customers Rave about Partnership

Epitec Staffing Comany at Sage Intacct's AdvantagePremier staffing company Epitec took the stage to talk about the transformation their organization went through as part of their switch to Sage Intacct. It was an honor to hear such kind words, and an absolute joy to see their growth. Finance leader Melissa DuVall gave some amazing examples of how Sage Intacct has really transformed how Epitec handles complicated project-based accounting.

We also wanted to give a big thanks to Epitec for taking part in a testimonial video at Advantage. These videos are a huge help in showing the value that Sage Intacct provides to a business and the changes that can be made to make accounting a much quicker and easier process. We wouldn’t be here without our customers so when a customer is willing to talk about the product, process, and us, we are extremely appreciative.

Saying Thank You

Every year at Advantage we host a dinner with all of our customers as a thank you not only for their business but also for helping us become a better company. This year we had a record number of Advantage attendees and a massive dinner turnout. Shout out to Crush at the MGM Grand Las Vegas for hosting our part of over 30 people and for the excellent food. Thank you to all of our customers that were able to attend both Advantage and dinner on Wednesday night. Like we have said, without you none of this would be possible.

Feel like you are missing out on the fun? Maybe you should start looking at Sage Intacct. Making the transition to the cloud has never been easier, especially with a partner like Alta Vista Technology. Give us a call at 855.913.3228 or send us an email at to schedule your FREE consultation and we can help get you on the path to a more automated, hassle-free accounting future. At Alta Vista Technology we take pride in being part of your solution.