Sage Intelligent Time Brings AI to Timesheets

Any business that tracks time has grappled with how best to capture those timesheets. The process of gathering time from resources, approving, and ultimately invoicing customers while tracking internal costs is mission-critical. More and more, companies are asking themselves: Are my timesheets right? With Sage Intelligent Time, there are no more questions.

Consider the implications of an incorrect timesheet. Just one hour per employee per week in missed billing adds up to at least $10,000 of lost revenue. With companies moving faster all the time, the chances of overlooking time that should be captured and billed – and where a satisfied client will happily pay – is only going to get harder, not easier. 

Enter AI – Artificial Intelligence Working for You

With Sage Intelligent Time your finance team can focus on preparing invoices and reviewing the key metrics. No more hounding professionals for late timesheets or questioning entries. Sage Intelligent Time can automatically alert your team of late or rejected time. The Time Assistant helps drive timesheet accuracy.

The mobile application works for both Android and iPhone. The streamlined design allows your team to complete timesheets while on the go. Meanwhile the power of AI is in the palm of your hand.

All of this is natively connected with Sage Intacct, so dimension-based reporting is maintained. Profitability by employee, project, or customer is accessible in real time across the organization.

“We’re using the power of AI and machine learning to make a tedious, manual process more streamlined and accurate. We developed Sage Intelligent Time to enable services-based businesses to quickly capture the critical information needed to manage profitability and close the books on time, while securing revenue often lost due to unlogged, billable activity.”
Sage CTO Aaron Harris

Traditional Timesheets

Sage Intelligent Time

Professionals often spend one or more hours per week tediously reconstructing their activity for their timesheet.A personal Time Assistant gathers all activity for the professional and presents it for review. It’s easy for the professional to review—it can be done on their mobile device while waiting in line for coffee. Even better, the Time Assistant gets smarter with every review, saving the professional more and more time.
For busy professionals focused on clients, it’s unrealistic to manually capture every minute of time, resulting in reduced utilization, billable revenue, and profitability.Professionals focus on the customer instead of the minutiae of timesheets.
Every minute of time is collected, increasing the professional’s utilization, billable time, and providing a precise picture of project profitability.
Homegrown or third-party time
solutions are disconnected,
requiring extra reconciliations and causing out-of-sync issues that limit scalability.
Timesheets are always in sync and reconciled with your financials so you can efficiently scale your business.
Timesheet data that’s only available weekly or bi-weekly, and often late, delays the close and insights needed to manage profitability and project resourcing.You get continuous insights that allow you to close on time, bill on time, and let project managers to make financially minded decisions about their projects.


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