SalesForce Chatter Inside Intacct

If you’ve ever been impressed with the slick simplicity of using Chatter in SalesForce, you’ve probably gotten used to it and wished you had that functionality elsewhere.  If you’ve never used SalesForce Chatter you might have lived this:

  • You review your accounting system and find something that doesn’t look quite right (“This PO looks like it’s for office supplies, not capital equipment…”)
  • You email a colleague to ask about an entry that seems off, referencing the account number ( “Can you log in and look at PO #123…”)
  • Your colleague sees the email but isn’t in a spot to review your question or respond.  Time passes.
  • Later, your colleague is able to log into your accounting system, then has to bounce back and forth between email and the entry in question to review and reply.
  • The reply hopefully closes the line of questions, but not always.

That exchange works, yes, but isn’t there a better way?

Imagine, instead, that you’re able to ask a question within the accounting software right in the place where the question is relevant.  The person being addressed in the question sees it when they’re logged in and at the best time to review.  They can consider the dialog and answer the question directly.

This is called Intacct Collaborate.  It’s accomplished using the same technology behind SalesForce chatter.  Chatter is rock-solid and well-tested, and extending it to within Intacct for use between accounting users is a great use of the functionality.

The best part is that Intacct Collaborate doesn’t require additional licenses or cost… it’s included in Intacct.

Want to see more?  Try this on-demand video on integrating Intacct and SalesForce.

Alternatively, this sample video on Collaborate is here for that watching!