data flow for cloud-based ERP

AI is Real: The Right Solution can Accelerate Your Value

With every new day, the potential in AI technology grows exponentially.

Project Accounting in the Cloud: At Your Service

Service and project-based businesses require streamlined processes to maximize line items and profit margins. Enter Cloud-based project accounting.

Tomorrow's Forecast Calls for Cloud-based Solutions and a Bright Future

Accenture analysis shows that by 2020, cross-functional integrated teams will deliver 80% of traditional finance services. Finance-staff productivity will increase by two to three times. As a bonus, the finance organization’s costs will decline by 40%. Staggering numbers. An amazing forecast. But how? Part of that answer is in the Cloud.

AWS Truepower's Share Why They Ultimately Chose Intacct's Cloud Solution

AWS Truepower's CFO, Sophy Lai shares the top must haves for a cloud solution. AWS Truepower is a long-time leader and innovator in renewable energy providing technical consulting, software, data, and advisory services for the wind and solar energy markets.