Project Accounting in the Cloud: At Your Service

In service-based businesses, future projects often depend on the success of the project at hand. Service and project-based businesses require streamlined processes to maximize line items and profit margins. Efficient and accurate reporting are paramount; and real-time information and accessibility are key. As your service and project-based business grows, how do you maintain timely reporting and overall efficient operations? Enter Intacct’s Cloud-based platform for project accounting.

Intacct’s cloud-based platform takes project accounting and service businesses to the next level. With customized and intuitive tools such as the dashboard and project module, you’ll be able to streamline all project accounting processes across the board.

Better Visibility for Project Accounting

Sounds great, but how? A project manager can achieve better business visibility by utilizing Intacct’s dashboard. The dashboard provides immediate and accurate real-time information in one location. By implementing use of Intacct’s dashboard, a project manager and senior personnel can immediately discern and determine if the project is profitable and if it’s hitting margin levels. Dashboard’s use of real-time information allows for the project manager to examine the project status at any given time throughout the life of the project.

With dashboard and other peripheral tools, the project manager can drill down into all facets of the project, including many areas that may have been previously overlooked due to prolonged or drawn-out reporting times. With better visibility, you can track and recover revenue that was previously unknown, thereby increasing the line item. Better visibility allows you to see even more than an accurate rendering, but a precise snapshot of your project’s profitability and overall status.

Time and Money: Easily Monitored and Tracked

Another tool in the Intacct cache is the project module. The project module allows the project manager to easily track and approve project time and expenses. The module consolidates all relevant information for a transaction, requisition or expense, resulting in the ability to easily trace or earmark an item start to finish. Like the dashboard, the project module relies on instant processing and accessibility of real-time information, only available in a cloud-based platform.

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