Benefit Self Service in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015

By:  Terry Heley | Microsoft in Fargo | Jan. 20, 2015

Benefit Self Service in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015, the product that makes your Benefit Open Enrollment process stress-free!

Many of you have asked, is there a Benefit Self Service in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015?  Well of course there is….and it is better than ever!

Why I’m excited about Benefit Self Service in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 is we really took a look at what customers wanted / needed to change in the prior product and made those enhancements.

With the new Benefit Self Service product in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015, Benefit Open Enrollment was just made EASIER and I know we all like that.

Here are a few of the items I would like to call out that were near and dear to customers as they went through open enrollment:

  • Human Resource is not required; you can link directly to Payroll Benefit / Deduction codes.
  • You can set validations that state you have to enroll in this plan prior to enrolling in the “higher” plan, like a prerequisite.  This happens a lot with Life Insurance.
  • Easier integration to Microsoft Excel for reporting purposes.
  • You can separate out your health enrollments easier, such as Dental, Health, Vision (key for ACA!!)
  • An improved Benefit  Enrollment period window so you can easily roll out enrollment to a large group of employees or single onboarding.
  • Ability to attach multiple plan documents to a benefit, including Adobe Acrobat pdf’s and Microsoft Word documents.
  • User defined enrollment information
  • You can now “return” the benefit enrollment back to an employee instead of having to delete it out, we now give you both options, awesome, who wants to re-key!
  • More flexibility during the posting process for what benefits you want to post at a time, easier to administer.

I could go on and on, I think you get what I’m stepping in; this product is a force to be reckoned with and includes many enhancements based on customer feedback.

Take the time to check it out!

Click HERE for detailed documentation, VIDEO to follow soon!

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