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Dynamics 365 Combined 1

Microsoft Announces Dynamics 365

Formerly under the code-name Madeira, Microsoft announced the release of Dynamics 365. This promises to change the future of CRM and ERP. Learn what this means to you.

Save a Click: Disable Sending Reports to Microsoft

Microsoft Dynamics CRM prompts you to ask whether or not to send an error report to Microsoft. Want to turn that off? There's a way!

Dynamics CRM Business Rules

If you’re not using Business Rules in Dynamics CRM…you should be! Business Rules offer a GUI interface and are better than ever.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Inside View

A look into the often-overlooked but intensely valuable InsideView for Microsoft Dynamics CRM from VP of Services Hollie Murray.

Duplicating Workflow in Dynamics CRM

We’ve all been there, we spend hours creating the perfect Workflow with all the necessary checks and conditions to update and create the records that our businesses need to operate from open to close. Rather than spending hours creating the same Workflow you can race to the finish by easily copying the entire logic. Duplicating Workflow in CRM is suprisingly simple.

FieldOne Sky Extends CRM

Late last year, Microsoft announced its acquisition of FieldOne, the dynamic company behind one of the most comprehensive field service management solution’s on the planet. Microsoft and FieldOne promised deep rooted integration and native functionality between their two systems that would effectively give each solution what it was missing. Fast forward to 2016 and It comes as no surprise that FieldOne Sky is now included in Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Professional license and above). The question becomes, what is it and who would use it? Essentially, FieldOne Sky provides extensions to Dynamics CRM to allow the creation and scheduling of work orders. It also provides a robust mobile application to record work completed by field technicians against said work order. Additionally, Sky allows for a high level of complex possibilities through extensive customization. This is fitting, as System Administrators of CRM can build upon the existing Cases, Contact, Account, Territories, and other CRM service entities.