What’s New in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Update?

The 2023 Wave 1 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales update has been rolling out to customers the past few months and if your organization is using Dynamics 365 Sales might be some updates you’re interested in exploring.

Engage with Customers using SMS from within Dynamics 365

Effective customer engagement in part is engaging with customers through channels they prefer. As the world continues to move towards a digital lifestyle more and more customers prefer to be contacted via SMS.

AI Enhanced Selling with Copilot

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming various aspects of our lives, Microsoft Copilot is your copilot for work. Copilot works alongside popular Microsoft 365 Apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams and now Dynamics 365. Copilot for Dynamics 365 Sales experiences focus on enhancing seller productivity and effectiveness in their flow of work by enabling them to automate the sales process and augment seller actions and decisions with AI-powered GPT technology.

Prioritize Engagement

The sales accelerator experience is a great way to get a prioritized list of customers and an optimized workspace. It is a modern view that enables seamless navigation across records with activities associated without multiple context switches.

With this update, sellers can switch any sales view to focused mode to effectively work across their records regardless of whether they have a scheduled activity. This view is ideal for sellers who move across records quickly and need to conduct actions like prospecting calls, record updates, and action management.

Up Next Widget

The Up next widget is a feature in Dynamics 365 Sales that helps sellers to view and perform actions on activities on a record by not losing context or need to switch among multiple applications. It displays activities that you can view and perform actions on records. You can add these activities to a record manually or by using a sequence. The Up next widget displays the current activity, upcoming activity, and completed activities.

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