Cloud Inventory Systems Make Walking the Warehouse A Thing of the Past

Walking the warehouse is an age-old tradition. For years people would go from aisle to aisle and shelf to shelf to update their stock numbers. This is how ordering has happened since the dawn of time. But has it really been efficient and is it still necessary. You may be shocked by the answer but no. Cloud inventory systems have taken an extremely manual process and moved it to your phone or PC. With real-time updates and smart systems to help you get a better read on your warehouse, why have you waited so long to make the switch?

Tale As Old As Time

It seems like every distribution company or business with a warehouse has a guy (or lady). A person that is an expert at making sure their stock is accurate and counts are up to date. A champion of the workplace they are always dependable. But let’s look at it from their side. How often does this person get to take a vacation? What happens when they get sick? Shouldn’t they get rewarded with some time off for all the amazing work they do?

Wit easily accessible cloud inventory you don’t need to rely on a single person to make sure your operation is fully accountable. Even better, anyone can do it and that person that has been your pillar of accuracy for so long can finally take that week off without throwing off all of your counts.

Smart Systems and Flawless Integration

To even further the convenience is the open access to your system. With a complete view of your entire warehouse and all of your stock and sales data, you get to make more informed decisions. Knowing your throughput and current stock better prepares you to negotiate prices and shipments.

To create a complete end to end solution, QStock cloud inventory systems integrate flawlessly with the Sage Intacct. Sage Intacct is the only cloud accounting solution recommended by the AICPA and has consistently been named a leader in the field. with invoicing and ordering running right into your accounting you create a single point of data entry. Automating your processes gives you time back that is normally spent on repetitive manual entry. That time can then be focused on planning for the future of your business, or taking that much-needed vacation.

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