Dashboard Snapshot

Streamlining in the Cloud: Dashboard Snapshots

Intacct, the leader of best-in-class cloud ERP software, takes streamlining a step further with Intacct dashboard snapshots. This new functionality enables Intacct users to save snapshots of real-time financial and operational results from any Intacct dashboard, annotate them to highlight issues, and communicate them to an individual or group through Intacct Collaborate, the secure social layer embedded within Intacct.

Dashboard snapshot allows finance teams to more quickly resolve issues and improve performance by driving the right conversations and decision-making. This new functionality is being showcased today at Intacct Advantage 2015, the annual Intacct customer and partner conference, taking place this week in Las Vegas.

Intacct dashboard snapshot provides finance professionals with the ability to streamline the flagging, communication, and resolution of issues. With the power to save snapshots of real-time data, finance professionals can communicate an issue at a specific point in time even as real-time data continues to change. A graphical editor further helps finance professionals draw attention to specific numbers and trends by annotating charts, reports, and Intacct Performance Cards.

Reviewing financial information and flagging issues that need to be investigated are frequent tasks for finance professionals. However, communicating the precise issues to investigate can be time consuming and difficult, especially since data on real-time dashboards is constantly changing. Finance staff tasked to resolve issues are also usually faced with disconnected manual steps as email communication can’t provide the necessary context. To resolve issues, finance staff need to login to the system of record, find the information, and then investigate it—tedious tasks that waste valuable time.

Enter dashboard snapshot.  Because this function acts and saves data in real time, tedious and time consuming steps are circumvented and eliminated, resulting in streamlined issue resolution.

Want to take streamlining to the next level? Let’s get started. Please contact Alta Vista Technology to learn more about Intacct and the Dashboard Snapshot streamlining function.

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