Don’t Let Your Transition to Cloud ERP Burn You

 A while back we had written about how cloud-based ERP implementation can improve your accounting efficiency. Now that you have decided to go all in on cloud ERP you are probably wondering, what’s involved in transitioning my current data to the cloud? Is the migration process easy? What should I know before moving my systems over? The following are a few tips for making sure your transition process is as smooth as possible.

Review Your Processes

Cutting edge ERP software can do some amazing things. It can turn your good processes into great processes. The one thing it can’t do, however, is turn your bad processes into good ones.

Your team should take some time to review what has been working well and what hasn’t. What changes do you need to make to fully unlock the potential of your company and meet your goals? Don’t be afraid to ask for suggestions, a view from the outside can sometimes be the only one that spots a flaw.

Rally the Troops

Sometimes the most valuable opinions come from the people who use the systems daily. These are your subject matter experts and they can help you achieve a smoother transition and an overall better outcome. Do you want to have buy-in from your entire team? Ask questions, see what problems they can identify or are currently working against, and let them suggest fixes. The more you can nail down before your transition starts the easier your time will be once implementation is complete.

Choose Wisely

The most important factor to an easy transition is choosing the right partner to work with you through this seemingly daunting journey. You wouldn’t buy a car from a dealership that didn’t offer support after you drove off the lot, would you? Why trust a partner that could leave you in the dust?

This is more than just selling you software, and we have the customers to prove it. There needs to be a deeper commitment and understanding of service beyond implementation. You always want to be up and running with no issues, but we all know this isn’t always the case. When an issue does arise, you need a partner that can be quick, agile, and supportive. That’s where we step in. Drop us a line here and let us help you transition to your future!