Intacct vs. Quickbooks



For most people wanting to know about a comparison between Intacct and QuickBooks: Congratulations!

QuickBooks is a viable product for many owner-operators managing small companies.  It’s a great system for getting up and running for a reasonable cost.  If your organization continues to grow, however, you will likely start to get frustrated.  For a simple example, when you’re starting out and realize you made an entry in error, QuickBooks lets you delete that entry entirely.  You smile, kill the entry, and move on, happy that there isn’t the slightest bit of evidence of your mistake.  But once you grow large enough where you have employees making entries for you, you may feel that knot in your stomach when you realize your employees can delete entries too.  And that means any entry.  Whether the entry is from several years in the past or for a current check to a questionable vendor.

So the good news is there are many solutions available for users who outgrow QuickBooks.

Intacct vs. QuickBooks

A crowd-sourced review service called G2Crowd has this review (pulled as of April 26, 2016):

Bear in mind, this is a review service reviewed by confirmed users of the product, not a company affiliated with any given solution.  Intacct is a great cloud-based financial system that is positioned as a great step up from QuickBooks.  It has great features including:

Best of all, find our white paper on the hidden costs of QuickBooks online to learn how upgrading to a better system can actually save money.