Why GP Amplify is Worth Attending

GP Amplify is a new event for the Microsoft Dynamics GP community made to highlight the exciting features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 (due out May 1st).  In years past Microsoft had the Convergence event that would highlight all the business solutions products.  Microsoft fazed out Convergence in favor of a new conference called Envision, which was a different event entirely.

To fill this void Microsoft partnered with the team at GPUG (the GP User Group) to create a new event called GP Amplify.  While we miss Convergence, Amplify gives GP users and partners a chance to connect and focus entirely on the GP 2016 release.

[Note: see the GP Amplify full schedule online.]

GPUG director Bob McAdam had interesting remarks on this front:

With the elimination of Convergence from the event list, Microsoft has not really had a platform to present these new releases. The development company has come to us with a laundry list of things they plan to show off at Amplify and we’ve assembled a really nice agenda that will give attendees an understanding of what is coming down the pipeline.

For those who participate in the GPUG in the past, attending the annual Summit in the fall has been a chance to meet as well, but Amplify is intended to be a different event entirely.


NOTE: you don’t have to be a member of GPUG to attend!

If you are attending Amplify and want to say hello, feel free to contact our group and we can make time to talk.