Workflow in Microsoft Dynamics GP

AVT GP WorkflowMicrosoft Dynamics GP Workflow is the greatest source of improvement and growth for a mature and well-loved product. Workflow in Microsoft Dynamics GP got another push with the addition of Security workflows.

When Workflow was first introduced in Microsoft Dynamics GP it was limited to the requisitioning process, primarily. Since that time, however, more and more workflows have been added to enable approvals of payables, general ledger entries, and even more.

The latest version of Microsoft Dynamics GP (now called just that — Microsoft Dynamics GP — dropping the model year convention) has the ability to enable workflow around security. Imagine delegating GP security to a power user most familiar with the system. Doing this might improve the turnaround of changes within the system and give a better experience to the end users when questions arise. But previously, empowering these users with security responsibilities might mean loosening internal controls to an uncomfortable degree.

But not anymore! Now, workflow rules can be created to your organization’s specs. Want to approve all security changes? You can. Or, create a formula so that only certain kinds of changes need to be approved. And to make sure things don’t fall through the cracks, you can set time limits, delegation, and notifications in the system.

The changes to security (or whatever your Workflow entailed) go into effect only after approved.

If you haven’t looked at Microsoft Dynamics GP’s Workflow (included in core GP for all environments!) you really should! The Security workflows are included in the latest version.

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