New in GP 2018 R2: Transaction Level Post Through GL

IT’S HAPPENING! In a stunning revelation, Microsoft is now going to allow transaction level posting through the general ledger! To highlight just how exciting this feature is we are including an actual email sent to us by one of our consultants.

“Some of Microsoft’s R2 versions of GP have been bigger than others. Well how’s THIS for a feature: transaction level postings will now post all the way to the general ledger! ALL THE WAY TO THE GL!!! Think about it!!!

Since the dawn of time I’ve had to explain to customers that, yes, I know your setup says “post through the GL” and yes, you posted, but no, it didn’t REALLY post through to the GL because, well, you didn’t start in a batch. What’s that? Yes, well, I know that’s not what you wanted. I know that. But you must respect the idea of the batch, you simply MUST. Because… reasons.

This is why I started drinking. But now! NOW! NOW IT POSTS ALL THE WAY!!!

Forgive any typos in this email, my eyes are tearing up and it’s getting hard to see.

I’m counting the moments to 10/1. This is an amazing time to be alive.”

What it means is this. There is a new checkbox in the posting setup section that allows transactions to be posted right through the general ledger. Check the box and transactions will post all the way through GL, no stops. Below is a list of supported transactions for this feature.

  • Invoice Entry
  • Receivables Apply Doc.
  • Receivables Cash Receipts
  • Receivables Sales Entry
  • Sales Deposits
  • Sales Trx Entry
  • Voided Trx Maintenance (Sales)
  • Payables Trx Entry
  • Payment Entry
  • Purchasing Invoice Entry
  • Purchasing Prepayments
  • Receivings Trx Entry
  • Returns Trx Entry
  • Assembly Entry
  • Transaction Entry (Inventory)
  • Transfer Entry
  • Manual Checks (Payroll)
  • Project Accounting Transaction windows except Project Closing

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