Epitec Gets Connected with Cloud Accounting from Sage Intacct

Epitec represents the world’s top companies and works to fill their open jobs with the world’s best talent. Their vision is to be a premier IT, engineering and professional staffing organization that people want to work for and companies want to do business with. But to be the best for others, you also have to be the best for yourself. Part of this was the ongoing search for staffing accounting software.

Old, Expensive, and Disconnected

Epitec was running an outdated version of Microsoft Dynamics GP. To make GP work for them, Epitec enlisted their considerable in-house technology expertise to build systems to bridge the gap. GP was able to handle their base financials but didn’t touch billing, cost tracking, or resource management. It also provided limited visibility into the data they actually needed. This forced Epitec to depend on Epilink, an elite billing system capable of picking up the slack that GP left behind. Running two systems, however, came with its issues.

There was a glaring disconnect between their systems. Epitec was forced to research their data in Epilink with zero ability to drill into transactions and understand the source. Epitec often resorted to manually enter information into GP. We all know the problem with manual entry, the high probability of human error.

They were looking for a solution to handle all of their billing, financials, and project management without having a disconnect between processes. Luckily Alta Vista had the solution.

Sage Intacct was the perfect fit. It provided the intuitiveness and flexibility that staffing companies look for in accounting software. Epitec was instantly attracted to the ease of use of the system and the visibility that they would gain into their core financials as well as the tools provided to analyze and use the data effectively.

New, Agile, Effective

Making the switch allows them to free up IT resources dedicated to keeping their GP system on life support. This also means that IT doesn’t have to manage, update, or upgrade financial systems since Sage Intacct is 100% cloud-based. This cuts both time and manpower that can be refocused allowing them to react more quickly to issues that arise both inside the business as well as external concerns.

Manual entry is taken out of the equation making their processes more accurate and in turn, making their data more accurate. One of the biggest perks, however, is passed on directly to their employees.

By switching to Sage Intacct, Epitec’s accountants are afforded the opportunity to work from home one day a week. They no longer have to be in the same building as an IT specialist who was dedicated to solving their problems with their systems.
It is clear that the change would have a ripple effect throughout the organization. Almost like a weight was lifted allowing them to work with more speed and agility than what they were afforded before. The functionality and flexibility provided by Sage Intacct has made Epitec one of the brand’s biggest advocates. They love their new system.

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