Sage Intacct 2024 First Quarter Update Adds Key Features

The first Sage Intacct update of 2024 dubbed “2024 R1” is on its way and our Sage Intacct expert Dave has picked his 3 favorite features from the bevy of additions that are ready to launch on Monday, February 19th.

Restricting Payments

Up until now, there has been a feature that we have found to be a bit odd. When entering a payable, you have had the option to send the check to a contact or company that is in no way related to the account you are supposed to be paying. After a good amount of head-scratching, all we could come up with is maybe two companies are related and want their money sent somewhere else.

Anyway, Sage Intacct now gives you the ability to restrict who payables are sent to.

Users can now leave the system as it was before and send checks to whoever they wish or can be restricted to only the contacts at the selected vendor or any contacts that have a listed relationship with that vendor. This allows for greater security control and the peace of mind that the money you are sending is making its way to the correct person

3-Way Matching for Early Adopters

If you are a Sage Intacct Early Adopter, you will now have the ability to perform a 3-way match! Import a purchase order PDF, allow the system to do a bit of machine learning magic called optical character recognition, and create an invoice.

These invoices are entered as drafts and give you the ability to edit them as the algorithm learns more about the transactions you do. This feature might be the most requested in some time and is finally making its way to Sage Intacct.

Financial Report Version History

Are you afraid to break your reports so you don’t make any changes, ensuring they stay beautiful? Well, fear no more as version history is now hitting the platform.

Go wild with changes without the fear of losing your setup or breaking your system. Gone are the support tickets on mistakenly broken, once beautiful reports.

If an existing financial report is generating unexpected results,  the report’s history can help you get it working again. You can see if a previous version of the report still works, and compare it to the current version to see what’s different. Alternatively, you can restore that previous working version.

There are many other small features and updates available for R1 2024 and you can see them all in the Sage Intacct update release notes. In the meantime, if you need assistance with your Sage Intacct system or are looking to make a switch to the cloud we would love to help! Give us a call at 855.913.3228 or fill out our simple web form and someone will reach out to you within 1 business day!