Sage Transform 2024 Diary: Day 3

If you missed the Sage Transform 2024 Day 2 recap you can find it here!

I call day 3 the motivational day. There were panel discussions about change and innovation with deep dives into the possibilities of Sage Intacct. Plus an announcement on when we can all do this again!

Transforming Your Mindset

I have to start by saying that 2-time Olympic medalist Jessica Mendoza is an absolute rock star and should be a public speaker full time. However ESPN probably wouldn’t be too happy about that. She had the right balance of theme, delivery, and humor to draw you in and keep your attention. Her messaging about balancing things like data with gut feelings and the eye test really hit home as a sports fan.

MLB legend Cal Ripkin Jr also gave insight into how as a player, he continued to improve through the years. Through many manager changes, he was always finding ways to take his game to the next level. His commitment to growth led him down the path to the MLB Hall of Fame. This message should resonate with both partners and users as they think about how to grow their businesses and make the lives of their teams easier.

That’s A Wrap

The day was closed out by a concert from Gavin DeGraw, who I don’t think I have listened to since high school but he was electric. The crowd was fantastic and he put on a great show. It all served as a reminder that the old stereotype of “boring accounts” can easily be disproven with just a little pop music.

As we pack up and board our flights back home we leave Sage Transform 2024 with a renewed sense of confidence and a clear path forward for Sage Intacct. It has been an exciting week meeting many amazing people. Now it is time to grab the bull by the horns and make magic happen. We will see everyone in November in Atlanta!

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