Staffing Companies Flock to Sage Intacct for Accounting

A recent trend has shown that small and outdated accounting solutions have been hampering the day-to-day operations of many staffing firms. This is forcing an industry wide shift to cloud accounting and more specifically Sage Intacct. But what is making Sage Intacct stick out as the best accounting software for staffing companies in the nearly crowded ERP landscape?

Elite Project Billing

As a staffing company, you are constantly adding projects and clients. You know how much of a pain it is and how much harder it makes your process every time you make a change. You want to bill on your own terms and Sage Intacct wants to give you the freedom to do so.

Set up time and materials billing, fixed-fee, value -based, and even milestone billing. You can also generate highly customizable invoices showing your clients and customers simple line items all the way up to complex work summaries. Save a ton of time and improve your cash flow with the ability to combine different billing terms on a single project or multiple projects and deliver a consolidated invoice.

Time Entry is a Breeze

With cloud based accounting you don’t need to be in the office to carry out those critical tasks. You can allow your consultants to enter their time on their projects from literally anywhere they can get an internet connection. These time and expense entries are then automatically tagged to customers, projects, and tasks allowing you to get a clear-cut analysis of exactly how a project is going. Sage Intacct sets up staffing companies to start to eliminate the everyday manual entry and get automated.

Accounting Software for Staffing Companies

Reducing Revenue Leak

By connecting your finances, operations, and sales you open your business to a high level of visibility. Sage Intacct’s dashboards let your project managers gain real-time insight into budget vs. actuals, billed vs. unbilled expenses, and billable hours vs. unbillable hours. Everyone in the project can view the current status to see what boxes still need to be checked and where to go next.

When everyone knows their role and how it is affecting a project you tighten up your systems and save money. I think Sage Intacct puts it best.

“Project billing isn’t just a finance function – it’s a joint responsibility of finance and operations. Are you prepared to support that tight collaboration? You can with Sage Intacct that leverages trusted data in reports and dashboards, personalized to each function and responsibility. Imagine client-services dashboards with sales reports, aging summaries, and invoices in process so they can answer project and billing questions from clients without having to email the finance department. The project account dashboard allows instant drill-down to investigate variances, approve expenses, and that ensure project billings are issued to customers and that payments collected. With the right level of project billing information for each role, you ensure collaboration and timely action.”

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