Solugenix: Another Intacct Cloud Financial Success Story

Solugenix, a provider of managed information technology (IT) and consulting services, recently selected Intacct’s cloud financial management software. Following is a recap of obstacles and challenges, and how Intacct was able to address, implement and overcome.

Where other Potential Partners offer a Bandaid, Intacct offers the Best ERP Solution

If you want to do more than just fix your accounting software needs, go with Intacct to lay the groundwork for a true ERP Solution.

Digital Board Book: Successfully Bridging the Gaps

The new digital board book automates the calculation of operational fundraising insights, using real-time transactional data from systems of record, including Intacct and Salesforce.

Getting ahead with Cloud Financial Management

Intacct's winning formula is based on thinking and staying ahead; and part of that equation includes making predictions. One such prediction foresees finance as the hub of strategic planning.

Cloud ERP: Calculating the Benefits

One of the clear indications that the cloud movement is becoming mainstream is the growing number of CFOs and finance departments that are adopting Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions to support their corporate responsibilities. Further, cloud-based alternatives now redefine the accounting and financial management functions.

Digital Board Book

Intacct, a leading provider of best-in-class cloud ERP software, announced the availability of the Intacct Digital Board Book for Fundraising. This new financial management solution automates the calculation of operational fundraising insights for nonprofit organizations, using real-time transactional data from systems of record, including Salesforce and Intacct.

Customer Satisfaction: Intacct Top-Rated Solution

With so much riding on a single purchase, the B2B consumer requires every assurance that the product lives up to and exceeds the hype. It’s only natural that technology review sites would become widely adopted as part of the purchase process with B2B consumers as well.

Cloud Financials for Your Super Controller

Learn how top controllers use Intacct to save time on basic reporting tasks, allowing them to spend more time on strategic analysis.

Why Choose Intacct for your SaaS Accounting Solution

Check out Intacct’s best-in-class cloud ERP solution and why you should choose Intacct for your SaaS Accounting Solution.

Why I Jump Out of a Perfectly Good Airplane

Scott Jackson, President of Alta Vista Technology (AVT) jumps literally into the cloud. He was motivated to jump out of a perfectly good airplane to show viewers that putting their financials in the cloud with Intacct is safe and secure.