Intacct: More Practical and Better Business Visibility, Even in Space

Intacct’s customers have found practical application of its cloud-based solution worldwide; however, better business visibility is also achieved in space. The Center for Advancement of Science and Space (CASIS) is an organization dedicated to managing the International Space Station’s National Laboratory.  In general terms, this particular area of the space station is dedicated to solving problems on Earth. Ideally, CASIS would allocate most, if not all of its resources to evaluating, facilitating and conducting scientific research. In turn, this would mean minimizing the time and energy dedicated to the organization’s infrastructure. Here, better business visibility is a key component, even in space.

The Challenges: Slow Reporting Processes

Before switching to Intacct, CASIS was impeded by a slow reporting process. With their previous system, they would have to wait until the end of each month before they were able to upload transactional data. Ultimately, this process left them playing catch-up. Imagine having to generate reports for various stakeholders,… Congress, NASA, even the White House, and having to wait until the end of each month. Imagine not being able to track new, but necessary metrics like type of science (life, physical or material) or type of entity (government, commercial or academic). Improved business visibility is paramount here.

Solution: Feeding Information into a Platform Accessible by All

Herein lies the solution: by making the necessary information readily accessible by all who need it, Intacct’s platform allows each entity, from the science team to business development, to work as a cross-functional team. The results: less number crunching to create reports. Instead, just click and voila! At once, CASIS can enjoy an omniscient big picture, bird’s eye view of a large project’s financial information. At the same time, they can pinpoint a singular transaction like when a payment was made for a specific project or study.

Achieve better business visibility, even if you don’t operate in a space station. Contact Alta Vista Technology today.