Real Time Financial Reporting: Better Business Visibility in the Cloud

Intacct, the leader of best-in-class cloud ERP software, takes streamlining a step further with real time financial reporting and better business visibility with its cloud-based platform. This new functionality enables users to produce necessary reports with the most accurate and up to date data available.  Those tasked with regular financial reporting will enjoy use of a myriad of operational time-saving tools, including, but not limited to dashboard snapshot, digital board book and dimensions.  Regular use of these tools will allow key personnel in your business to produce the best, most accurate reports, pinpoint specific data, annotate them to highlight issues, and communicate them to an individual or group.

Your New CFO: No longer a Scorekeeper

Any company’s CFO is tasked with improving strategic impact and driving financial operational efficiency and effectiveness. Necessarily then, today’s CFO has to examine which business processes are working well and which are not. Is the CFO functioning more or less as a gate or scorekeeper, monitoring expenditures and maintaining compliance? Or, are the business processes so streamlined that your CFO now has more time to provide thoughtful, pr0active analysis and implement strategic planning for accelerated growth?

CFO Leading through Financial Intelligence

For example, you may have to ask if you’re producing the most accurate financial reports in real time, or if you’re devoting an inordinate amount of time deriving reports through a manual based system like Excel. Today, more businesses are transitioning to a cloud-based solution for its wide array of benefits including better business visility. Operating in the cloud allows the business to move away and transition from mundane and time consuming, error-prone manual processes.

In a cloud-based platform, you’ll be able to access historical data and trends for better planning, budgeting and forecasting. No longer just seeking to implement a plan, you’ll achieve better business visibility with real performance. Further, you’ll enjoy better business visibility through a more acute insight into sales and revenue through pinpointing of bookings, revenue, deferred revenue, invoicing, collections and renewals. Ultimately, you’ll always have the most current snapshot of cash inflow and outflow.

Intacct’s platform cultivates this transition through its key financial management capabilities:

  • Configuration of reports and dashboards
  • Pinpointing transactions
  • Account groups
  • Tagging transactions with dimensions
  • Financial and statistical data

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