The Top 3 Ways Cloud ERP Can Transform Your Nonprofit

Accounting for a nonprofit organization can present several daily…

Committing to the ERP Cloud Part 3: Secure Accounting

In this week’s installment, we are going to cover a topic that…

Committing to the ERP Cloud Part 2: Automate, Don’t Stagnate

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Sage Intacct, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Quickbooks, Oracle NetSuite

Sage Intacct vs. Other Cloud ERP & Accounting Softwares

Sage Intacct vs. Microsoft Dynamics GPMicrosoft Dynamics…

Interested in the Cloud?

It is finally here! What you all have been waiting for! Alta Vista Technology and Intacct team up to jump into the cloud!

New Features Released for Business Intelligence for Dynamics GP 2015

This video will cover the new features in Business Intelligence released in Microsoft Dynamics GP2015 including SmartList Designer- refreshable Excel reports, navigation integration with Management Reporter, Management Reporter integration options and Business Analyzer

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 System Requirements

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 Systems Requirements document contains the minimum client hardware requirements, server recommendations and Terminal Server minimum hardware requirements supported by the Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Support Team.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 Released on Dec. 1, 2014 Adding 120+ New Features

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 continues their evolution to the cloud with optimization for the Azure platform, an open service based architecture, seamless Office 365 integration, efficient multi-tenant provisioning, broadened employee usage with self-service features, and simple to configure business process workflows. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 is also the accumulation of 120 features delivered since Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 with features being released to customers on a six month cadence.

The release of Dynamics GP 2015 also updates the features that were new in GP 2013 R2 release, including identity management, workflow, and Business Analyzer. It also adds requisition management and employee self-service app for time management that are driven by workflow.