The Impacts of Intacct: How Cloud ERP Helps Your Business Grow

What if I told you that you could be saving time, money, and…

A Nonprofit's Most Utilized Tool: Intacct Dashboard

Nonprofit organizations and Intacct demonstrate real-time adjustments in tracking gifts and donations with automatic implementation to produce updated and accurate reporting. For years, many for-profit organizations have essentially played 'catch up' in producing periodic reports for stakeholders and investors. With Intacct, the nonprofit organization immediately reaps the benefits of the cloud-based platform.

White Paper : Best-of-Breed vs. Software Suite for Financial Management

The obvious advantage of a best-of-breed approach is you get to choose the right tools for your organization as it grows and adapts to changing market conditions, and you can roll out these capabilities quickly at a lower cost and with less risk compared to suites. Software suites, on the other hand, offer a “one-and-done” fix to a complex problem.

Interested in the Cloud?

It is finally here! What you all have been waiting for! Alta Vista Technology and Intacct team up to jump into the cloud!

Financial Reporting for Non-Profits

Financial reporting is arguably the touchstone in terms of Business Intelligence (BI) analytical processes, and for non-profit organizations, it is no different.
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Sage Intacct Cloud Financials?

If you are a financial professional in a growing organization, efficiency and performance are key! Intacct is able to give you those keys, and do it better than anyone else. Intacct has best-in-class cloud ERP solution that provides functionality to complex processes and presents the financial and operational insight for you to make these strategic decisions.

Why Your Company May Dump QuickBooks This Year

Believe it or not, your company is about to be part of an enormous wave of change in the next few years.

That’s because, if you’re like most small and medium sized businesses, you’re likely using an on-premise accounting application. And most likely that on-premise solution is QuickBooks.  QuickBooks is by far the most popular accounting application for SMBs and deservedly so – it’s full featured, easy to use and well supported by Intuit.

Intacct CEO Robert Reid Named GrowthCap’s Top CEO in Financial Technology

Intacct, a leader in cloud financial management and accounting software, announced on Nov. 25 that its CEO, Robert Reid, has been named the #1 CEO on GrowthCap’s list of the Top 25 CEO’s in Financial Technology.

The GrowthCap list of top CEOs includes executives who have mastered the art of building and scaling complex, secure financial technology solutions. Reid’s ranking was based on Intacct’s outstanding revenue growth, dominance in the field, capital raised, and his overall career performance.