The Impacts of Intacct: How Cloud ERP Helps Your Business Grow

What if I told you that you could be saving time, money, and hassle all while increasing productivity? Sounds familiar, right? It’s almost always the first line any salesman will use to get you to start listening to their pitch. Now I’m not saying that it’s, wrong but you have to be able to back it up.  This is where most fall flat or underwhelm in their delivery. They make promises before listening to the problems that their clients are having and how this impact their business.

Not to fear! With this handy little blog, we’ll cover these basic promises and how they can be achieved by implementing Sage Intacct into your business.

Time Keeps on Tickin’

Time spent on tasks directly relates to productivity. The more time you waste, the less productive your employees are and the more your company suffers. This waste leaks all the way down to your customers causing negative experiences and impacting your overall revenue. This is where Sage Intacct comes into play.

Take note of all the manual tasks your crew performs during the day. Data entry across multiple locations, billing processes, extensive back and forth between departments. Now look at the list and think of how much time would be saved if you could automate those processes.

Sage Intacct is all about automation. Automating tasks like data entry and billing can free up time that can be refocused on strengthening other aspects of your business and improving your customer experience. When an accountant can perform an essential task with the click of a button rather than getting trapped in an hour-long process, the return is invaluable. Taking the manual input out of these tasks also reduces the hassle and frustration within your team.

Reducing Stress

A novel concept has been rising in business throughout the nation. Happy employees make for a happy employer. Crazy right? This is another area Sage Intacct makes an impact.

Say your sales team spends a lot of time asking your accounting team for information. This, in turn, causes the accounting team to spend a lot of time looking for answers and responding to their questions. This kind of back and forth can cause a headache and in several cases, a rift between departments forms. All of this is generally caused by a lack of access to pertinent information needed to do a job. In many cases, this information is stored in Salesforce.

Sage Intacct to the rescue once again! With seamless integration with Salesforce or Dynamics 365, you can give the much-needed visibility to the people who need it most. This allows sales to get information to their clients faster, improving the customer experience at the same time. You also free up time for your accounting team to carry out their tasks accurately and without the added stress of countless sales requests. In the end, these improvements lead to the final goal, making and saving money.

Your Bottom Line

All in all, your goal is to save and make money, right? When you take away manual process, free up your accountants, give the salespeople the information they need, and improve your customer experience, saving time and making money follows.

All the steps you take, every process, every communication, all impact your customer experience. When you automate and streamline, you have more time to focus on the experience and making it better. Better experiences nurture customer and develop stronger relationships, leading them to spend more money more confidently than ever before. With all of this on the line, why not trust Sage Intacct to improve your business? And who better to help you along the way than Alta Vista Technology?

Alta Vista Technology is a certified Sage Intacct partner and has successfully implemented Sage Intacct into several businesses, helping them perform to their fullest potential. Let us get to know you with a free evaluation, identify areas in your company that may need improvement, develop a custom plan, and provide you with end to end support after implementation.  We take pride in being part of the solution!