A Nonprofit’s Most Utilized Tool: Intacct Dashboard

Nonprofit organizations and Intacct demonstrate real-time adjustments in tracking gifts and donations with automatic implementation to produce updated and accurate reporting. For years,  many for-profit organizations have essentially played ‘catch up’ in producing periodic reports for stakeholders and investors. Nonprofit organizations have faced similar obstacles to efficiency when providing useful and accurate reports to donors and other parties. Very often, the reports were slow to fruition, manually derived and obsolete as the utilized data was no longer current.

Dashboard: A Nonprofit’s Swiss Army Knife

With Intacct, the nonprofit organization immediately reaps the benefits of the cloud-based platform. The dashboard provides a snapshot reflecting all updates, including the latest transactions. Essentially, if a donor just submitted a gift, once its recorded, the transaction is immediately and automatically reflected on the dashboard. This allows all relevant parties to not only bear witness to the transaction, but everyone sees the immediately reflected change, no matter how large or minute the transaction.

Like a Swiss Army Knife, complete with an array of tools for different functions, both broad and acute, Intacct’s dashboard operates in similar fashion. The dashboard provides a bird’s eye view of an organization’s current condition, reflecting all recorded transactions. Still, when needed, the dashboard allows the user to zoom in to evaluate a single detail.

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