Future Web Portals

Controlling and allowing access to a system is one of the most critical and challenging topics of discussion in businesses today. Rather than sifting through security roles and multiple license types, you can look into web portals as a possible answer to your CRM hopes and dreams. Implementing a portal can help you give the right people access to the right data—without giving them full access to your CRM system.

What is xRM?

Keep in mind, if you are new to the world of CRM it is best to keep it simple for near future. After all, you have to crawl before you walk and walk before you run.Microsoft Dynamics sits on a .NET platform. For those not familiar with .NET, think of the core of Dynamics CRM as a piece of clay that can be molded into whatever the artist wishes to create. The platform allows users to build business processes faster, and with less risk and lower cost than a standalone customer development solution.

Microsoft's Acquisition of Adxstudio

What’s the deal? Last week Microsoft announced that they will be acquiring “key product and technology assets” of their longtime partner Adxstudio. For those not familiar with Adxstudio, the company provides web portals, online engagement tools, and application lifecycle management solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. These enhancements extend Dynamics CRM data deeper into the Web by leveraging existing permissions, entities, and customizations.