The 3 Key Phases in Choosing Your Next Accounting Software

Knowing you need a new system is the easiest part of the process. That is point A but there are so many steps between knowing you need a change and the change happening that it feels daunting. Knowing where to begin is really important. In this blog, we will lay out for you the 3 key phases to selecting a new accounting system to help make your process as painless as possible.

Phase 1: Forming Your Team

This is a crucial first step. You want to make sure you include the people who make the decisions but be careful not to leave out those who the change will ultimately affect. Your team is the foundation of the future. These people use the software and know the struggles. Remember, this change will have a ripple effect throughout your business. Include them in the selection process and get feedback about their likes, dislikes, and desires. These are your team members that when happy with the system, will make your job that much easier.

If the decision isn’t coming from the top you will need to include a C-Level executive in the process as well. Don’t be afraid of including the CFO or CTO in your process. They should understand the need for change and if your software partner does their due diligence, they will see the value in making the switch.

This is not something you can do on your own, and you shouldn’t have to. The right team empowers you to make choices, get feedback, and ultimately arrive at an informed way to move forward.

Phase 2: Defining Your Solution

What will it take to move your team into your future solution? This is where you want to make sure you get as much feedback as possible in order to try and meet the needs of each department that uses the system. Now, this may seem like a lot of back and forth, and it very well could be, but it’s 100% necessary. Without all the chips on the table, you can’t find that complete solution. It’s like leaving for vacation and forgetting your phone charger at home, but you already boarded the plane.

You also don’t have to rely on just the people within your company for information. The ERP space is vast and it is easy to get lost. See what others in your industry use, talk to industry leaders, and ask for recommendations. Don’t be afraid to seek help.

Remember that there may not be a blanket solution that covers all of your processes. Make sure you are thinking about adding in outside software and making sure your selection has the capability to integrate other solutions. A strong partner can help you with this. They should have a defined set of marketplace partners and the experience of making the systems they implement work with other third-party software. Do all of your homework and then move on to the final phase.

Phase 3: Finding Your Fit

Who will be the most successful in implementing your vision? You want to work with a team that has the experience, references, and your best interest in mind. These will be the people responsible for making your future a reality. The right partner will ask questions, examine your processes, and craft a demo that is specific to your use case. Expect nothing less from the people that you are entrusting with your accounting future.

Check review sites like G2 Crowd for vendor ratings and reviews from actual customers. Book your discovery call early in the process and be honest and upfront. The more information you can provide the better the end result and the faster the process. The goal of your partner should be setting you up for success because your success is directly linked to theirs.

This may sound like a lot but trust me, in the end you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t do it sooner. So are you just starting your selection process? If so check out our ERP selection checklist for a guide to help you along the way. Remember that we are here to help! Give us a call at 855.913.3228 with any questions you may have or shoot us an email at to schedule a discovery call! At Alta Vista Technology we take pride in being part of your solution.