The Future of Microsoft Dynamics GP & Cloud Migration

Companies need to use their systems, not maintain them. Dynamics GP holdouts frequently contact us about their cloud migration options – a trend that dramatically increased as servers aged out and a pandemic changed the nature of work. While it’s true that Dynamics GP can run on a hosted server and be accessed remotely, that does not make it a true cloud system and has caused many users to focus on Microsoft Dynamics GP cloud migration planning.

A hosted system still needs to be updated, still requires support, and still needs to be maintained.

Instead, we have seen a move to Sage Intacct and Dynamics 365 Business Central. Both systems are wonderful options, but to be clear, each are distinct products from Microsoft Dynamics GP. Depending on your industry and requirements, you might contact Alta Vista Technology for a free consult and a recommendation.

That said, many Microsoft loyalists will be curious about Dynamics 365 Business Central in particular, and fortunately, there’s a fast way to transfer legacy data and make the jump.

The Cloud Migration Tool

The quickest and easiest way to populate Business Central is to use Microsoft’s free Cloud Migration Tool. Assuming you’re on a somewhat recent version of Dynamics GP, this tool will move all sorts of information:

  • Checkbooks
  • Chart of accounts
  • GL transaction history
  • Customers and open AR
  • Vendors and open AP
  • Inventory Items and on-hand quantities
  • … and more!

Legacy Data Survives!

If you’re running Dynamics GP, you likely have a good, solid history that might otherwise be lost by going to the cloud. For everything that isn’t included in the migration tool, there’s Azure Data Lakes, a Microsoft service that can hold all sorts of data.

If the last thing keeping you on an on-premises solution is your desire to access legacy data (or if the server holding that data is getting a little creaky) then this solution might be what you need to make the jump.

Next Steps

It’s getting harder and harder to find systems NOT running in the cloud. Whatever system you choose to move to, Alta Vista Technology can help you with your Microsoft Dynamics GP cloud migration. Let our team of experts explain the options and the approach best suited for you and your unique requirements. You may even qualify for Microsoft promotions that can save you money along the way. Give us a call at 855.913.3228 or fill out our simple web form and someone will reach out to you within 1 business day! At Alta Vista Technology we take pride in being part of your solution.