The Tech-Savvy CFO

Your responsibilities as a CFO will never be the same. New metrics, big data, and the amazing speed that these changes are taking place in is evolving daily. As if this isn’t enough, your customers are changing too. All this change is coming from one place: technology.

Looking at analytical information based on a single dimension, for example, is an antiquated way of looking at your business. Yes, you need to look at sales by geography, but also by any number of other attributes as well. Being able to drill into the underlying information and slice info as needed is critical to role of the CFO.  And doing this with the speed and agility that’s needed to be relevant is the big challenge of the future.

These are exciting and challenging times, but can be used to the advantage of those who understand and prepare for the new reality – this is the best of times for The Tech-Savvy CFO.

I encourage you to take a moment to arm yourself for the challenges ahead.  Visit the Intacct microsite The Tech-Savvy CFO or watch the on-demand free webinar called Meet The Tech-Savvy-CFO.

Are you ready to be The Tech-Savvy CFO?