SSRS Reports for Dynamics GP UNDER 15 MINUTES

This week we’re running a series of posts about SSRS reporting in Microsoft Dynamics GP®. GP Reports made using SQL Reporting Services are easier to make than you might think. Stay tuned all week and drop us a line if there’s any great ideas we missed.

GP Reports Week

It’s hardly a new feature, but it’s all too often neglected. All current versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP ship with GP reports all ready to deploy using a technology called SQL Reporting Services.  If you’re running GP but haven’t seen these reports there’s a chance they have yet to be deployed.  If that’s you, fear not!  We’ll be covering deployment in this series this week. (And really, you already own these, so why not publish them?)

If you recognize these reports you probably already love them, but you might be asking yourself, “Sure, these are great, but how can I make my own?” After all, every company is different and the information each company cares about varies.

The good news is that these reports are easier to make then you think. True, the more you know SQL and the GP table structure the fewer barriers you’ll have to get started, but don’t be intimidated. I’m surprised by how often I’m asked for the simplest of reports.  Just because a report may be simple to create doesn’t mean it can’t be transformative.

If you want a deeper dive into building reports, I highly recommend the Real world Business Intelligence with Dynamics GP book by Mark Polino and Belinda Allen. The Kindle version was a great resource for me personally.

Otherwise, have a look at the video above and watch the dramatic countdown wondering whether or not a custom report can actually be made before the timer hits zero (spoiler: yep 🙂 ).