Let Intacct Check Delivery Service Write Your Checks for You

Yesterday, Nov. 11th, Intacct and American Express announced a new partnership that will allow midsize businesses to set up and use American Express Global Corporate Payments products, as well as manage and improve their supplier payments, within the Intacct cloud financial system.

This new feature will help Intacct customers streamline vendor payments by taking advantage of American Express’ Global Corporate payments infrastructure. As part of this partnership, Intacct launched the Intacct Check Delivery Service that will enable businesses to send check payments with the click of a button

Intacct Check Delivery Service lets you automate your check process for vendor payments. This new feature will allow American Express Global Corporate Payments to process your checks against your bank account, and Intacct will automatically update the payment status in the general ledger once the checks are mailed.

Manage your vendor payments processes and start making informed business decisions with Intacct’s online accounting software.   Alta Vista Technology is your partner you can rely on to provide deep local and technical knowledge to help ensure that you have the best solution in place to meet your unique business needs.  Contact Us