3 Must-Have Accounting Features for Staffing Companies

Accounting software does more than keep business on track these days. Staffing companies know all too well that simple accounting software is great to get off the ground, but doesn’t do much to give you the up-to-date competitive edge to move past your competition. That’s why we have come up with 3 must have features you absolutely need to move you forward if you are doing accounting for staffing companies.

#3: Start with the time… All of it

Staffing resources can often be working more than one placement at a time, and getting the time worked accurately entered in a time sheet is where challenges start. If one employee misses one hour per week in overlooked billing, that adds up fast – at least $10,000 of lost revenue happens before accounting ever sees a time sheet.

Sage Intacct subscribers can leverage Sage Intelligent Time to pre-populate time sheets to avoid under billing:

Now, employees can go into a time sheet and find most of the entries filled out. Because Sage Intelligent Time can pull in appointments from cloud-based calendars and use machine learning to note where other resources logged their time, time that may have been previously overlooked will now get captured.

Little efficiencies, compounding over time, starting even before the time hits the accounting system, is the sort of thing that can transform a staffing company’s fortunes.

Note: a free demo of Sage Intelligent Time is available online.

#2: Management that Scales



As companies grow the real challenge is providing great service even as complexity and challenges multiply. (That’s something that, ahem, Alta Vista Technology knows a few things about.)

Staffing companies get better by doing great work on time and on budget. But keeping those high standards during high growth cycles is not as easy as it may seem.

Sage Intacct lets project managers and upper management see trends and head off any potential issues before they become problems. And with the introduction of the Sage Intacct Interactive Visual Explorer, you can drill down even further and get visuals based off of all the data you collect every day. It can be part of your organization’s digital transformation.

#1: Reporting for the Win!

All the project accounting features we get with Sage Intacct makes billing a snap and allows for a mobile workforce to make the accounting easier than ever, whether you bill out time-and-materials or milestone.

With that rock-solid foundation set, that means that that we can find out more. Imagine seeing profitability by project, customer, or even employee. And costs can be the fully-loaded costs, including taxes or overhead on employees.

Having information available immediately? It’s all built into Sage Intacct.

Imagine having information on screen (no installation or upgrades necessary!) and being able to filter and review more information! But don’t just take it from us. Here is Melissa DuVall, Finance Lead for Epitec to tell you how Sage Intacct and Alta Vista Technology have turned around Epitec’s accounting processes.

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