3 Reasons My Customers Are Leaving On-Premises Accounting Software

There are many reasons a customer may decide to move off of on-premises accounting software and get on a cloud platform.  I took a look back at all of the accounts we’ve worked with over the years. I was able to boil it down to 3 reasons why people decided to search out a new solution – publisher, product, and people.  These points are coming from years of experience and meetings with businesses of various sizes across various industries.


The landscape of small to mid-size ERP products from publishers we work with has worked to acquire products that have been on-premises dating back 20 plus years. They went through various name changes and rebranding to bring them into a family of products that now receive yearly updates. The speed at which technology advances and how businesses have adapted requires a swifter process. Along the way, internet speeds have increased with access going from an office building to nearly every street corner.

When you take these changes and toss in the subscription economy which was born many years ago, it starts to paint a picture. Subscribing to a cloud product that is updated 2-4 times per year appeals to companies that have grown tired of falling behind. With cloud products, their businesses are constantly up to date and can drop the need for costly upgrades and hardware.


Small to mid-size ERP products today are overwhelmingly cloud-based.  Suddenly companies are not buying on-premises if they want to keep pace with the compatibility of other systems.  It’s a hassle for the publishers to balance the legacy on-premises customers with new customers buying the latest cloud products.  Eventually, old products fall unsupported all while the list of people to help keep them running gets shorter and shorter.

Cloud products offer faster implementations, require fewer resources to deploy, and don’t require on-site visits. There is no investment in hardware. You end up lowering support costs while seeing large investments in the cloud from the publishers going forward. Software developers have to cut investments and enhancements to the on-premises products to refocus their time and energy to their emerging systems. These changes are a warning flag for companies that the sun is setting for on-premises systems.


As publishers, products, and businesses have shifted to other cloud products (i.e. CRM, Payroll), so too have the people that consult, implement and use them.  Users have grown tired of on-premises products. The lack of functionality, abundance of time spent on manual processes, too much money spent on “maintenance” with no benefits from the spend all take a toll on the team.  Now a different generation of people using and implementing the products shifted the paradigm from an aging legacy of products to technology advancements that have reduced wasted time and money spent, helping businesses advance, adapt and flourish.

If your business is looking to move off of on-premises accounting software we would love to work with you. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and top-rated Sage Intacct Premier Partner equipped to fit your business with the software and services needed to forge ahead. Give us a call at 855.913.3228 or fill out our simple web form and someone will get back to you within 24 hours! At Alta Vista Technology we take pride in being part of your solution.