Sage Intacct R1 2022 Update: We Made it!

We did it! We all made it to 2022, somehow. Right on cue, Sage Intacct followed their 2022 Release Calendar (a good link to bookmark) with another installment of features, big and small. A detailed listing of all included functionality is worth a look, but we’re calling out the options most interesting to highlight here. Here are the notes on the Sage Intacct R1 2022 update!

AP Bill Automation Hits “Early Adopter”

Sage Intacct has a long list of marketplace partners to augment the system. Rather than writing your own code to maintain, marketplace offerings can extend Sage Intacct, are easy to maintain, and can often have a fast implementation timeframe. One common idea in the marketplace centers on AP automation.

Imagine if you could:

  • Import vendor PDF invoices so the system can identify the vendor, amounts, and accounts *or*
  • Allow for vendors to email their invoices in directly
  • Allow for internal approval
  • Finally, show up as a payable in Sage Intacct

Search for AP automation in the marketplace to see great offerings to do that today. But soon we’ll have an option directly within Sage Intacct. Imagine:

This quarter the AP Bill Automation is ready for Early Adopters. We told our customers who have access to our free webinar that this option is coming, and those who are interested can request access now before it is generally available. Exciting times!

Importing AR Cash Receipts

Ever wish you could import a cash receipt and apply it to whatever invoices are needed? Sure, it’s a niche request, but now a handy import template is there to automate the process.

Anyone with a lockbox or external system managing cash receipts for existing receivables will be overjoyed at this option.

Enhanced Inventory Visibility

Sometimes you don’t even know you need a feature until you have it. Then you wonder how you ever got along without it.

I always think of the Inventory Item Master as a place to create a new item and tweak different settings. But I never realized how often my next step would be to look at where that item is… either at a warehouse level or at a document level. That search just got better, and you can do it all from the item itself:

But Wait There’s More…

A long list of changes are packed into the Sage Intacct R1 2022 update. If you want to learn more about Sage Intacct or our update reach out to our team at Alta Vista Technology. We are happy to help! Give us a call at 855.913.3228 or fill out our simple web form and someone will reach out to you within one business day!