6 Superpowers Your Accounting Team Gains with Sage Intacct!

If you find your team is drowning in excel spreadsheets, wasting valuable time switching between different software, and struggling to make your process just make sense then chances are you are searching for new cloud accounting software. Connecting your systems, automating your entry, and streamlining your processes may sound like a dream but you can make it a reality. Sage Intacct can lend you the superpowers your business needs by providing a system that works for you, kind of like a valuable sidekick!

Super Strength & Elasticity

Everyday accounting teams are stuck in the rigors of manual data entry, often times entering the same data across several systems. With Sage Intacct, you can automate these entries and integrate your systems into a single process. Business like Komet Sales have reported up to 100 hours per month saved in manual entry. Atlas Network showed a 75% increase in efficiency by make the switch to the cloud with Sage Intacct.

Sage Intacct also simplifies the billing process. Cloud-based solutions create flexible billing models that innovate pricing across revenue types. Communication software company Weave was able to add 4 new billing models to their system making their reporting even more accurate. With these additions they saw a 66% growth in gross margin. Adding strength and flexibility makes your business more nimble, providing greater insight faster allowing you team more time to review and react appropriately.

X-Ray Vision & Super Speed

How does $500,000 in improved cash flow sound? That is exactly what the Hopi Tribe Economic Development Corp. was able to achieve by implementing Sage Intacct. With end-to-end visibility your entire team has access to the information that they need exactly when they need it. This change help fosters better decision making company wide. Improvements in insight have made a huge impact on Accurate Neuromonitoring, increasing their profitability by 30%.

Speed is also vital for any business. Arguably one of Sage Intacct’s most valuable advantages is the time it saves in closing the books. What can be an arduous process, taking weeks for some can be done in just a few clicks with Sage Intacct. Laird Management, a Burger King Franchisee saw a 50% reduction in their time-to-close while healthcare company 3Spine closed their books 3 times faster than normal. Just think about what your business could do with all that extra time.

Precognition & Flight

Are you always thinking about your next move? New cloud accounting software allows you to predict the future. You can get billing, cash, and revenue forecasting all with a click of you mouse. Planet Fitness franchisee Alder Partners was able to shift 50% of their bookkeeping efforts into forward-looking analytics. Acquita saw an 80% decrease in cash forecasting variance due to the advanced analytics provided by Sage Intacct.

All of these superpowers culminate in savings and growth for your business. Flight is the ultimate superpower. Businesses that run on Sage Intacct cloud accounting hit new revenue highs thanks to a platform that is built to grow with you. Halloran Consulting Group saw $4M in new profits thanks to Sage Intacct and Snapsheet had a their revenue grow 6 fold. With numbers like these can you afford not to make the switch?

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