Sage Intacct IVE: Creating Visual Financial Reports in Under 5 Minutes

The Sage Intacct platform is all about saving you and your accounting team time. With the new Sage Intacct Interactive Visual Explorer, or IVE for short, you can create beautiful visual financial reports quickly right inside of Sage Intacct. In this demo our Sage Intacct Expert David Valade creates a report that displays data in an easy to digest format in under 5 minutes.

Making Data More Relatable

Sage Intacct’s new Visual Explorer does just what the name implies – it allows users to explore the critical decision-making data in ways that are immediately understandable. Those familiar with Microsoft Power BI know the value of creating and sharing data visualizations. Those familiar with Power BI have also been asking “How do I get Power BI for Intacct?”. The Interactive Visual Explorer makes you data come alive. The visualizations include all the information that Sage Intacct has meticulously maintained. We can visualize data across multiple entities and dimensions to instantly make sense of the information.

In this video Dave will cover:

  • 00:00​ Intro to Interactive Visual Explorer
  • 00:26 Report Explanation
  • 00:55 Creating a New Report
  • 01:25 Selecting Attributes
  • 01:56 Selecting Dimensions
  • 02:26 Adding Filters & Customization
  • 02:53 Adding a Measure
  • 03:24 Selecting Visual Type & Filtering
  • 04:30 Report Overview

Sage Intacct Subscription Billing

If this video leaves you with more questions like “How much is Sage Intacct?”, “How can I make these visual financial reports?”, or “When can you start?” then we are ready to help you! To get your own demo of Sage Intacct or a free 30 day trial please reach out to us on our contact page, give us a call at 855-913-3228, or send us an email at At Alta Vista Technology we take pride in being part of your solution!