Cloud Accounting: Solving People Problems by Fixing Processes

Hiring is hard. Getting quality candidates, sitting through interviews, no shows and reschedules. This all leads to a very stressful process and a lot of guessing and hoping. Many times people hire because they think they need more help but that isn’t always reality. You may just have an overcomplicated accounting and inventory process. Maybe you haven’t looked at the advantages of accounting automation.

Luckily you can make changes in your processes and avoid overhiring. This will save you money in the short-term but the long-term effects are even greater. Delivering more accurate numbers, allowing for better, more accurate forecasting, and reducing stress on your team. These are just some of the advantages of accounting automation and a digital inventory system.

People May Not be the Problem

The gut reaction when it seems like there is more work than you can handle is hiring more people. But what if you took a hard look at how your work is actually done? We find broken, incomplete, or convoluted processes in many of the businesses that come to us for help. By moving to a cloud solution, automating and simplifying processes reduces workload and takes what were thought to be people problems and solves them with process fixes.

This also extends to the inventory for many companies. Where people were needed to constantly count and update numbers, tracking has been made easier. You can access an entire view of your system and inventory from an internet browser. This way you don’t have to send Brad to aisle 10, bay 5 to count 300 screws. You have consistently accurate counts at your fingertips because your system is designed to work with you, not against you.

Moving Paper to Pixels

Here is a fun question, how much paper does your company generate? How much do you depend on that paper? In the past, people had to walk from department to department gathering totals and invoices. They had to triple check their numbers with other departments and often walk back to get even more paper. Now with these nifty little things called computers, most paper has been eliminated. But there are still stragglers.

Now advanced accounting and inventory systems can help reduce your paper output to close to, if not zero. Removing paper removes wasted time. Now you may have to find another way to get your steps in during the day but the system automation and document digitization is well worth it. Everyone gets access to the documents they need when they need them. And with in-office chat systems like Microsoft Teams, you don’t even have to call to get updates. Do your job from your desk. Not in the office? No problem! Cloud systems are available and secure from wherever you have an internet connection. 

The bottom line is you don’t have a reason not to upgrade. With on-premises accounting costs rising and software updates stalling or stopping it’s time to take a hard look at how you can be working smarter, not harder. It’s time to take a deeper look at the advantages of accounting automation. Getting started is as easy as an email to or a call to 855.913.3228. You can also fill out our simple web form and someone will reach out to you within 1 business day. At Alta Vista Technology, we take pride in being part of your solution.